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Task 1

Define engineering business functions

Q1: Identify at least five functions of an engineering business (which could be the engineering business you established in assignment 1). Classify those functions according to their purpose. Show the relationship between these business functions using the organisational structure of the engineering business

Q2: describe the functionality of three departments of an engineering business of your choice, (which could be the engineering business established in assignment 1). describe the importance and effects of each function on the operation of the company as a whole.

Q3: Planning is an important function for any business. Discuss the importance of planning and illustrate the difference between a single use plan and a standing plan. Give an ex of each.

Task 2

Outline the inter-relationships between the different processes and functions of an engineering organisation.

Q4: Define three exs of the inter-relationship between engineering business departments or processes identified in task 1.

Q5: Outline three different types of information that is exchanged between the different departments within an engineering company. What form does this information take?

Task 3

Organise work activities to meet specifications and standards

Q6: Describe the importance of quality control within an engineering business.

Q7: Describe the impact of the following on product or service specifications and standards

a. JIT (Just in Time) methods
b. SPC (Statistical Process Control)

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