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You just got off phone with Bud, following similar call with Betty. They are both concerned that position will be filled with someone outside Chicago office. They actually wish for having their teams more involved in project and feel this is excellent opportunity for one of their people to step up. Though, having someone from Little Rock or Boulder office on project actually decreases representation from Chicago. (You made very strong effort at staffing team equally, and this would change that, giving one location more people than other locations.) You are leaning toward having Cathy on project team because of her past experience and that would not unfavourably impact project much.


Make the e-mail which you will send to Katy for her feedback.

describe the situation and your concerns.

Provide your suggestion of Cathy and describe your reasons.

describe the reactions that you anticipate from Betty and Bud.

How will you work on getting them to agree on choice? Recognize motivational issues which may arise from choice.


Describe consensus decision-making and how to manage agreement.

Identify and be able to apply approaches to conflict management.

Create and staff project organization structures.

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