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problem 1: How do you categorize the various types of business Intelligence?

problem 2:

a) Find out the similarity between the two objects. What are the four methods to find out the similarity characteristic between the two objects?

b) Illustrate decision tree.

problem 3: Define data mining and describe the architectural framework of data mining.

problem 4: Describe the features of different types of business models with the help of exs.

problem 5: A non-profit organization - a leader in promoting urban sustainability in India - has the permission to supervise and propose resourceful energy and source utilization by corporate entities across India. The customer was using spreadsheets to confine various information with regards to unit consumption, charges, research, and analytics of Energy Usage. The Intensity for both Heating Degree Days and Cooling Degree Day and it was suffering from the disadvantages of utilization of multiple non-standard spreadsheets. The crucial challenge of the organization was to develop excellence of data; time required to gather and authenticate information, distribute graphs and analysis with cyclic time series and carry out other ad hoc queries and difficult analysis.

Customer too wanted a BI solution which is easy to use, available from web and needs negligible human resources to execute such periodic tasks. Elegant BI Business Intelligence solution deployed with customized ETL solution has offered web based, simple to use, and error-free analytic system to client, in short time span and small budget.

Research coordinators at client side, now have complete picture of the energy usage patterns and trends in hours instead of days, and they spend more time doing other ad hoc research and data mining, instead of collecting, consolidating and validating data from large number of spreadsheets received from member organizations every month. This initiative is helping customer sustain its management position for a better cause of supporting sustainable metropolitan communities in India.

a) What are the aspects of BI framework? Describe each of them in detail.

b) What are the tools used in the above case study to meet up the challenges of the organization and to maintain food quality as well?

problem 6: ABC is an online educational organization that offers number of programs. Throughout the world. It has its franchise all over the world. It has to maintain huge data about the entire all the programs which are currently running and as well that are withdrawn but still running for old students. How should it plan to implement the business intelligence solutions? What are the limitations of the Business Intelligence?

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