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Success of an Entrepreneur

Business profile. Interview or research the business owner online, and answer the following problems (Hint: Answer as many problems as possible.):

What size is the business? How many employees are there? (If possible, identify the revenue base.)

How long did it take the business to make a profit?

Why did the entrepreneur decide to go into business? How many years has the entrepreneur been in business?

What main product or service does the entrepreneur sell?

Who was the first client?

Who are the entrepreneur's customers?

You may address other problems you want related to the business profile.

Owner profile. Now, interview or research the business owner to find out more about his or her personality. Answer problems that will help you develop a personal profile about him or her. The following are a few problems to consider beginning with:

What is the entrepreneur's background?

Identify 2 advantages of owning this business?

Identify 2 disadvantages of this business?

How did the entrepreneur prepare for his or her business? Does the entrepreneur have specific training or a degree?

How might the entrepreneur stay current with innovations and technologies in his or her industry and for his or her business?

You may address any other problems you want related to the owner's profile.

prepare an analysis. Separate the sections between the business profile and owner's profile. Then, complete the following:

prepare an overview of the business and the owner from your interview.

Summarize any connections between the business and the owner's profile.

Were you surprised by the owner's background relative to the business he or she owns? Create a profile by detailing the business, owner, and summary of your analysis.

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