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Case Study - Horlicks

Horlicks is the name of a company and of a malted milk hot drink. This brand is the leading product in the hot milky drinks market and has been associated with 'sleeping better' for the past 70 years. In the past 3 years Horlicks has been re-branded to give it a fresher and more modern appeal. MediaMix is a marketing consulting firm which was tasked to develop strong relationships with Horlicks consumers by implementing an online marketing communication strategy in order to grow the customer database.

• Create a cost effective email campaign that powerfully positioned the Horlicks brand
• Ensure that the design reflected the very core and essence of the product
• Encourage revisits by incorporating interactive features including polls and links to competitions
• Create a friendly tone of voice that gave the email a personal feel.

MediaMix  created a series of fun and informative email campaigns to engage the consumer and lead them to purchasing the product. The design consisted of compelling content and interactive features including polls, music downloads, links to competitions and product related information. MediaMix made each email enticing so that users explored the whole email. Overall the emails exuded cosiness and reflected the warm nature of the drink itself. This combined with the fun bold type, faces and chunky graphics all helped to create instant visual impact.

The Results

The campaign generated a phenomenal amount of interest with 72.9% of users opening and reading the email and over 30% downloading and interacting with the email. In addition Horlicks achieved their objective of growing the database with 5.6% of subscribers choosing to send the email to a friend, which meant that the Horlicks communication extended beyond the core mailing list audience.

(a). Describe briefly  three  advantages  of email marketing  benefited by Horlicks.

(b). describe five benefits of email marketing to the Horlicks consumers?

(c). One important task of the re-branding campaign in the case study was “to develop strong relationships with Horlicks consumers by implementing an online marketing communication strategy in order to grow the customer database”.

(i). describe the purposes of strategic online marketing.

(ii). What is relationship marketing and describe three characteristics of relationship marketing?

(iii). prepare on the effective long term strategies for database marketing for selling Horlicks.

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