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You can submit a VISIO ER diagram for the following business process:

Dr. U. R. Sick is the administrator of General Hospital. He is interested in creating a database for the hospital's outpatient clinic, where patients come for emergency treatment.

As a patient arrives for the first time, we need to record some basic information, such as name, address, and phone number, about each patient. In addition, we need to know by which insurance companies the patient is covered. It is common for patients coming to this clinic to be covered by more than one insurance company. To assist with billing, we need to keep a list of the insurance companies our patients use, so that we have the company name, phone number, and contact name for each insurance company.

Because the clinic is really for emergencies, we need to keep track of the patients' family doctors so we can send information to them. Each patient is associated with one family doctor. To assist with the contact process, we maintain a doctor list that includes the doctor's name, beeper number, and office phone number.

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