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problem 1: Give some illustrations of business research in your specific field of interest?

problem 2: In your own words, define the term business research and list out its tasks.

problem 3: How might a not-for-profit organization utilize business research?

problem 4: What is the basic difference between applied and basic research?

problem 5: Describe how business research can be employed in each phase of the decision-making process.

problem 6: In your own words, describe the scientific technique and state why it is a necessary aspect of business research.

problem 7: describe a condition where business research is not required and a condition where business research is required. What factors distinguish the two conditions?

problem 8: Why should a manager know regarding research when the job entails managing people products, events, environments and the similar?

problem 9: For what main purposes is basic research significant?

problem 10: When is applied research, as distinct from the basic research, helpful?

problem 11: Describe, giving reasons, which is more significant, applied or the basic research?

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