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Final Assignment - Consultancy Report

Produce a consultancy report for the CEO of Galanz.

Consultancy Report

-Title page (with corporate logos)

-Exec summary (1 page max)

-Table of Contents (ToC)

-Report body (10 pages max)
Single space
Lots of white space
Wide margins
Header (logo) and footer
Numbered sections and subsections (and paragraphs)
Short paragraphs
Bullet points

-Appendices (as long as you want - no one will read them)
Graphs, tables, charts, etc.







Y / not necessary


N / Y





Brand management








Service is provided by brand owner and retailer


Responsible for service

Production planning


•Collecting money on delivery of goods, not responsible for stock-out and overstock

•Large batch / low variety


•Make inventory decisions

•Responsible for stock-out and overstock costs

•Small batch / high variety

Consultancy Brief

-Liang Zhaoxian, the CEO of Galanz, has commissioned you, an external management consultant, to provide a set of recommendations for the redevelopment of the company's operations strategy and tactics and the consequent operations capabilities.

-He is asking you to address three issues:

1. Identify Galanz's operational and competitive strategies and analyze how its operational strategy supports its competitive strategy?

2. Should Galanz continue with a mixture of OEM, ODM, and OBM production or should it further transform itself in the oversea market into an OBM company?

3. On the assumption that Galanz should increasingly move to become an OBM, what operations strategy and capabilities would be needed to support the new business model?

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