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Answer the follwoing problems.

problem 1) describe the significance of developing competencies and experiences with entrepreneurship development.

problem 2) Bring out the legal formalities in identifying and evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities.

problem 3) prepare detail notes on designing of entrepreneurial planning.

problem 4) Give valid points to mention how a business unit can be prevented from becoming sick.

problem 5) Why is critical analysis of financial and marketing plans important? Describe.

problem 6) Describe the requirement for feasibility study on capital requirements.

problem 7) Describe the knowledge and skill required for an entrepreneur.

problem 8) prepare the essay on Entrepreneurial traits and types.

problem 9) Describe the major entrepreneurial competencies.

problem 10) describe the requirement and importance of human resource mobilization.

problem 11) describe the significance and issues in entrepreneurial planning.

problem 12) prepare the essay on monitoring and evaluation of Business.

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