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You must illustrate your answers with real exs showing evidence of research outside of the textbook.

problem 1:

1. describe the major steps in the process of international strategic management.

2. What are some of the major problems faced by firms in undertaking this process?

3. Describe the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and concisely describe the range of issues (including environmental ones) that a firm requires to take into consideration in formulating its CSR strategies.

problem 2:

1. describe the approaches used by different authors to describe the stages of export development used by international businesses.

2. Suggest some ways in which firms could overcome the mistakes often made by exporters.

problem 3:

1. Using point format, concisely rxplain the modes of internationalisation other than exporting.

2. What are some of the risks involved in above modes and what could be done to try to minimise them?

3. Describe why firms engaged in international businesses often form strategic alliances with overseas firms, indicating the advantages of these alliances.

problem 4:

describe the different types of International Business Organisational. Design in your own words and give a real ex of each structure. Comment on effectiveness of each of your exs.

problem 5:

1. describe concisely what is involved in control process in international business (including at different levels).

2. Describe concisely in your own words (backed up with references) range of control problems facing the international business, and outline the key methods for dealing with control in the international businesses.

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