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problem 1)a) Describe the nature of management?

(b) prepare down the features of a partnership organization?

(c) prepare down the advantages of a joint stock company?

(d) What do you understand by scientific management?

(e) What do you understand by span of management?

(f) What is the significance of a customer group in an organization?

(g) describe management by objectives.

(h) Why are business ethics important in today's life?

(i) Differentiate between accountability and responsibility.

(j) Describe TQM.

problem 2) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a centralized and de-centralized organization giving appropriate exs.

problem 3) Differentiate between formal and informal organization and describe the organizing principles.

problem 4) Describe the Herzberg's theory of motivation. How is it different from McGregor's?

problem 5) describe the fundamentals behind GE 9-cell matrix.

problem 6) describe the budgetary and non-budgetary control devices.

problem 7) How did the management thought develop? describe the classical and neo-classical systems in detail.

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