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describe the employee training and development practices that you would recommend in Hong KongThe training and development practices I would recommend to Hong Kong will be geared towards building skill competencies, creating an environment of accelerated technological advancements and establishing employees that are multifaceted in various job functions. The objective is for Hong Kong to become an aggressive competitor with top-tier performers.

Cross Training Current Employees-In the event that an organization is short staffed, managers, leaders, and executives must anticipate short handedness and prepare for potential changes in the level of production and performance during the day-to-day operations. Therefore, employers should develop a method for cross training employees that is cost effective, and not time consuming. This step is a win/win for employees and employers for the reason that employees will prepare themselves to become more competitive and marketable. Employees would have an advantage of learning a plethora of new skills that will open the door for promotion opportunities; employers will save time and money by relying on the skills and attributes of current employers without the daunting task of training new employees.

Comprehensive Orientation for New Employees-in an effort to minimize the potential for errors during production, employers should develop a comprehensive employee training model that will describe the various job functions, roles and responsibilities of each position , company policies and procedures, legal and regulatory standards. During orientation, new employees would experience hands-on training, theoretical applications of the overall functionality of the company's business practices in a class-room type setting

Bilingual Workshops-the employer should encourage and emphasize the need for linguistics. As a result of organizations in the United States expanding their global marketability, natives in Hong Kong should make it a mandatory practice to learn English as a second language and Spanish in an effort to abolish the language barriers to produce effective communication and to build strong alliances with other organizations, suppliers and distributors.

Skill Advancement Workshop-Organizations must integrate a refresher course of an employee's current skill set and introduce new programs, computer software and new technological systems and begin retraining employees on the new systems this method would be used as a tool to prevent change resistance from employees

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