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As continuation of diversity training manual, you (as new manager of human resources) must now develop portions that specifically address gender issues and are targeted at training and raising sensitivity of all supervisors regarding potential gender issues. It must include section on how supervisor should or must not tackle certain gender-based workplace issues. For instance, can supervisor hand out work assignments which he or she feels are better suited to different genders? Can he or she prepare job requirement which only one gender can meet, like a strength requirement?

This section of manual should, at minimum, describe following information:

1: Few general facts about U.S. population's gender mix and gender mix found in notable segments of workforce must be included. Be sure to include all sources of information.
2: Essence and applicability of landmark Griggs v. Duke Power case dealing with stated job requirements must be addressed.
3: describe how supervisor must state minimum job needs when he or she requests new employees to be hired into department.
4: Describe how supervisor might communicate to his or her department (of all male employees) when female is about to become part of work team.

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