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Trying to understand how to describe role of nonverbal communications and how it plays into corporate world. I need three or more suitable exs/situations concerning communication in workplace while describeing the following and keeping following in mind in the specific exs by:

Describing the kind of communications exchange observed (conversation, a presentation, a meeting, etc.), and describe the relationship between participants (boss/subordinate, peers, speaker/audience, etc.).

Describe the kinds of nonverbal communications were observed and whether they complemented or contradicted oral conversation. For exs where contradictions happen, how might manager have given effective feedback to prevent condition from reoccurring?

describe how one would feel on nonverbal communications contributed to success or failure of situation/exs.

Describe how use of words with different denotative and connotative meanings could have been more beneficial in condition observed.

describe at least one effective listening method observed or used and describe how that method might be beneficial from managerial perspective in conditions observed.

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