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1. Assess the benefits of being left brained, right brained, and whole brained, and determine the type(s) of conflicts that can be presented as a result within a group. Determine the brain type that you believe to be the most successful in today's workplace. Support your position.

2. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of administering personality tests to individuals interviewing for a job. Determine which career fields would benefit from this practice the most. Support your position and describe an experience you have had with personality tests.

3. An Entrepreneur taught workouts to new moms and the company Stroller Strides was born. Her tips for success include: 1. you create the vision, 2. delegate, 3. partner up, 4. work smart, and 5. get spousal support. Use the Internet to locate a success story of another entrepreneur who has pursued his / her passion to open a successful business (e.g., Mary Kay Ash, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Debbi Fields, etc.) and compare the tips for success that Lisa Druxman has recommended against any tips for success that have been recommended by the entrepreneur you selected. Determine the common themes among the two entrepreneurs. describe whether you use these tips or not and the results of doing so.

4. Take a position on the following problem: Are stereotypes in the workplace useful or not? Provide support for your position

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