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problem 1: Earlier this year News Corp, the global media giant, announced plans to separate its entertainment and publishing assets. Why might a company separate itself in this manner and what problems might it encounter?

problem 2: The Olympic Games was successfully held in London in the summer of 2012. Main cities continue to bid for the games in spite of very significant costs. Describe the benefits which cities and countries hope to gain by hosting the Olympic Games.

problem 3: Marks & Spencer, the UK clothing and food retailer, ran into financial trouble in July when it unveiled another sharp decline in sales. Total like-for-like sales fell 3.4% in the 14 weeks to July 7 and sales of clothing, footwear and gifts slumped 9.1%, or £85m. What action can the Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer take to address the condition?

problem 4: Earlier this year Alliance Boots announced plans to merge with Walgreens, a major chain of US drug stores, to make the largest pharmacy business in the world. Describe the advantages that the companies might be hoping to gain from the merger and evaluate the challenges that they might face.

problem 5: Since June of this year corn prices have risen by 60%. Evaluate the impact of this increase on businesses in the developing world.

problem 6: Spain’s credit rating was downgraded to just above junk status by Standard & Poor’s. Illustrate the impact of this on businesses in Spain.

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