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prepare three separate paragraphs describeing the following

1. Due to confusion between words "problem," "policy," and "program," prepare down definition in the context of health also for human services for each of three words. Provide a short ex for each definition.

2. Create list of 5-7 social problems which you believe are most critical for United States to address. prepare one to two sentences about each social problem, describeing extent of problem.

3. Locate the agency or organization which addresses one of above social problems. You will be using same agency throughout course, make sure that you pick one which is interesting to you and which has sufficient public information, online or onsite, which you can eventually analyze whole agency and its programs. (For instance, selecting a street front church which gathers and delivers clothing for poor will likely not have sufficient information for you to analyze. Established non-profit or government organization, though, may have enough information on their Web site). Provide overview of agency.

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