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Assignment Title: Human Resource Management Essay

ESSAY problemS (PICK ONE):

1) Compare personnel management with human resource management. In your answer, discuss the extent to which the 'people management' discipline in organizations has changed over time and provide reasoned suggestions on likely future developments in the nature and scope of human resource management.

2) Discuss what need to be done to ensure that the recruitment and selection process meets the requirements of a firm's aims and objectives.

3) Discuss the need for and difficulties with ensuring that the employee performance management system within a business is responsive to the aims of that business.

Your essay should include theoretical and/or empirical material drawn from the course materials and reading and reference to exs of (named) organizations. Your essay should be properly referenced and a bibliography must be included. The lectures and textbook alone are unlikely to provide a sufficient basis for a good essay mark - wider reading is required.

The total length of your assignment (from the beginning of your introduction to the end of your summary/conclusion) should not exceed 1500 words. Your reference list is excluded from this word limit.

Please word-process coursework assignments using 1.5-line spacing and include a cover sheet  and your essay’s word length.

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