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problem1. Describe with the aid of a diagram, the Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry (1985) Conceptual Model of service quality.

problem2. The management of the particular hotel in Mauritius is concerned that its hotel is full between March and September, is regarding 80 % occupied in February, March and November and about 30% occupied throughout the other months. Discuss the strategies which could be applied for managing both demand and capacity so that management may try to move towards 100% occupancy all year round.

problem3. Discuss the major determinants which affect the shaping of business policy?

problem4. Describe why should a firm prefer its unhappy customers to come forward and complain?

problem5. Customer satisfaction and enhancing customer service are two of largest problems facing the service industry today. Critically measure the use of “mystery customers” as a tool for service quality appraisal.

problem6. Using a tourism or hospitality organisation of your choice, describe how can recovery from the service failure be a blessing in disguise?

problem7. Discuss the characteristics which may be used to measure the effectiveness of new facility layout.

problem8. Choose a hospitality or tourism service organisation of your choice, identify and describe the merits and demerits in its site selection.

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