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problem 1:

A hotel has decided to focus more strongly on customer service and has just conducted a customer survey. Unfortunately, the results indicate that many customers are dissatisfied with the service that they currently receive. Use the service delivery system key gap analysis model to critically analyse possible causes of dissatisfaction with the service provided by the hotel and suggest operational changes to deal with each of the causes identified and thus close the gaps.

problem 2:

Discuss any three of the following requirements from an operations perspective of competing on

(i) Quality

(ii) Cost

(iii) Flexibility

(iv) Globalisation

(v)  Innovation

Give relevant exs of manufacturing or service firms that successfully compete on each of the criteria listed.

problem 3:

(a) Services are usually produced and consumed simultaneously, and in many cases the customer has to enter the service facilities and be within the services cape before he/she can make the purchase decision. 
Using a service organisation of your choice, critically evaluate the services cape dimensions and its impact on perceived service quality.

(b) Location is always considered of particular importance in operations. Critically discuss four of the factors that affect location decision. Illustrate your rationale through exs of an organisation with which you are familiar.

problem 4:

(a) Discuss how supply chains can be managed more effectively to provide more effective service delivery in order to increase customer satisfaction, while also increasing profitability for all the companies in the chain?

(b) Discuss the importance of quality awareness and training in ensuring that employees deliver good service quality on a consistent basis.

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