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Many groups make up a diverse workforce. Age or generational categorization is one of the ways to define specific groups within the organization. There are currently 4 generations in the workforce. You have been asked to suggest ways to address the needs and desires of the different generations. Present your ideas in a report to your VP, include all your ideas, how they would be implemented, and how each would be evaluated for effectiveness.

Discuss the four generations, including the unique perspective that each generation brings to the workforce, how they approach work and the differences that have been researched on each of the generations. Include recommendations of activities, programs and approaches the organization can use to bring the generations together in a working environment and maximize each generation's contribution.

The generations would include the Baby Boomers (1946-1964), the X-ers (1965-1977), the Y-ers (1978-1986), and the Millennials (born after 1987). Each generation brings some good qualities. For ex, the baby boomers bring a perspective of "pay your dues," while the X-ers are socially conscious (Forman & Carlin, n.d.).

How can the different perspectives be addressed for each group to maximize this element of a diverse workforce?

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