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Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability

Develop a proposed system for evaluating (measuring) and reporting the success of the company in achieving improved sustainability for the case. please lead me about that problem

The case:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is commonly described by its promoters as aligning a company's activities with the social, economic and environmental expectations of its stakeholders. It has become a multi-billion dollar public relations specialty in the business world.

People's consumption patterns are influenced by corporate social responsibility efforts, according to a 2004 survey in 10 countries, by APCO Worldwide. Positive CSR information has led 72% of the respondents to purchase a company's product or services and 61% to recommend the company to others. Conversely, negative CSR news has led 60% to a boycott a company's products and services.

CSR program can enhance Corporate Image and Brand Reputation among stakeholders such as investors, lenders, vendors and public in general. An effective CSR program can assist in recruitment of best talent in the industry. CSR can be a source of brand differentiation or unique selling proposition. Corporate Social Responsibility is now a determining factor in consumer and client choice which companies cannot afford to ignore. Research suggests that company CSR programs influence 70 per cent of all consumer purchasing decisions, with many investors and employees also being swayed in their choice of companies.

As an ex we can go about a power company. The company produces an energy regulating device that automatically regulates the use of power sources in homes and businesses. They realize that in order to stay in business, they will have to move their operations out of the country. They purchase approximately 500 acres next to a river.

When we look at that moving the facility out of the country, there is some socially, economics and environmentally sustainable issues.

There are ethical issues from a legal perspective that surround the routing of the chemical waste into the river. Though the river is clean and large enough to handle waste, there may come a time in the future when it will not be able to absorb waste from the power
company. Ethical issues surrounding the clean water in the river include the fact that, even though the river is now clean, running waste water into it may eventually make it harmful to those in the community who may use if for drinking water or for earning a living, through activities such as fishing or boating.

Economic issues surround the loss of income that workers in the U.S. facility may experience, in losing their jobs. Economic issues also involve the costs of providing products in the new location, where residents are not able to afford the same prices as those in the U.S.

I believe that there some responsibilities and duties should be done by the company's management. First of all they should take care of the river pollution with monitoring the chemical contents of the river and preventing the local communities from becoming ill. After that they can build roads, septic systems, and water lines. They can also build a new school for local children to address overcrowding and the lack of basic necessities, technology, and space for the students. In this manner they earn big reputation in public's eyes.

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