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At work, and personally, we are bombarded with business related messages on a daily basis. These messages come from a range of people/companies and may be through any number of formats including radio, television, email, telephone/mobile, computer, face to face meetings or even hand written notes. They may be communicated to everyone, everyone at work, people in your team or just to you. Some of these messages are memorable (for the right/wrong reasons) and others are not.


For this assignment you are required to keep a diary for three days that records the different types of business and study related communications you received.

1. Submit a record of the communications you received in a Word table, using the below headings as a guide:

a) Date

b) Mode (e.g. radio, phone, email, tv)

c) Type (e.g. advertisement, payment request and donor collection)

d) Brief summary of content

e) Style (e.g. humorous, friendly, apologetic)

f) Effective (i.e. yes/no)

g) Why/why not effective

Beneath the table, complete the following tasks, under separate headings.

2. Choose two of these communications that you feel were well constructed or were able to get the message across and analyse why this was the case.

3. Choose two of these communications that you feel were poorly constructed or did not get the message across and analyse why this was the case.

4. Suggest methods that could improve the poorly constructed communications, with reference to the theory that you have learnt so far.

Consider factors such as:

• Communication process

• Interpersonal components

• Intercultural components

• Choice of media

• Timeliness

• Who, why, when and how it was communicated and the audience it was communicated to

Remember to reference any sources that you use to get the theoretical information to prepare your answers


Description: You are required to prepare a report.

You work for an accounting firm. Your supervisor asks you to prepare a report on a new photocopier which the accounting firm can purchase. In addition to information about its hardware, software, and user friendliness, he/she wants a recommendation on its appropriateness for the firm.

1. Introduction

A. Purpose

B. Background - make up some information about the photocopying needs of your firm. You should include information on the number of staff in your firm and their main photocopying needs

C. Methodology - describe the steps you took to gather information about the photocopiers

2. Discussion

Describe three different types of photocopiers. Include information on their features, cost, user friendliness and anything else useful you can find. Make sure that you relate your discussion to the needs of the firm. You can find this information on sites of photocopier companies, including Canon and Ricoh. You may also read reviews of the various photocopiers. Sometimes it is difficult to find an exact cost, in which case you can give an approximate cost based on your research.

3. Conclusion

4. Recommendations - recommend one photocopier to be purchased.

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