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problem 1) Answer the following problems.

a) What do you mean by fuzzy logic?

b) What types of problems are encountered when propositional logic is used to represent the world knowledge?

c) prepare down the applications of neural networks?

d) describe the important properties of first order valuation with ex.

e) prepare down the advantages of SLD resolution.

f) Distinguish between logic and logic programming.

g) What do you mean by FAIL predicate?

h) Distinguish between validity and consequence.

i) prepare a program in prolog to reverse a list.

j) What are the needs of quantifiers?

problem 2) In the context of propositional logic define precisely the following:

(a) Boolean Valuation'

(b) Tautology.

problem 3) Define a unifier and a most general unifier to a set of clauses' demonstrate the differences with appropriate exs'

problem 4) What do you mean by declarative meaning of prolog programs? Describe.

problem 5) Analyze the following statement of Prolog: "The cut facility prevents backtracking'"

problem 6) Describe unsupervised learning of neural network'

problem 7)(a) Why are Prolog functions and predicates normally defined recursively? Describe.

(b) prepare down the advantages of resolution method? Describe.

problem 8)(a) Define precisely what the following mean:

(i) A formula is valid'

(ii) A formula is satisfiable'

(b) what do you mean by clause normal form? Describe with suitable ex.

problem 9)(a) Using deduction method, prove the following argument valid:

Any fish can swim faster than any smaller one. Therefore, if there is a largest fish then there is a fastest fish'"

(b) Describe the significance of Horn Clauses in logic programming.

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