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Suppose you’re a manager of the large heavy equipment manufacturing company. Your company recently outsources the manufacturing of the specialized piece of equipment to a firm in another country. The outsourcing of this piece of the equipment has saved your organization a considerable amount of money and has raise profits by 15%. A recent newspaper article has revealed that this firm is paying their employees only a few dollars a day and their employees frequently work long hours. While you’re not the only company that employs this firm your company was specifically named in newspaper article. You’ve been asked by your CEO to make the decision on whether or not to continue to do business with this firm.

By Wednesday, February 27, 2013, post your answers to the following problems in paragraph form (minimum of 500-600 words). Be sure to add in your weekly readings, citing your sources using proper APA (comprising in-text references and citations). In making this decision you will require to do the following:

1. Critically discuss the ethics of the continuing to do business with this firm. In this discussion assess the economic, legal and ethical issues. Illustrate how a written code of ethics may impact your decision.

2. Discuss any other factors which you would consider in making a decision to continue or discontinue doing business with this organization.

3. Describe the process which you would follow to create your decision, offer your decision, and describe the decision making style you have employed.

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