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problem 1) How can communication motivate workers to better efforts? Describe with suitableexs.

problem 2) Describe the important features of Grapevine Communication.

problem 3) Describe any two psychological barriers to communication.

problem 4) Describe the process of communication.

problem 5) prepare down the 7cs of effective communication. Describe briefly each of them.

problem 6) Briefly describe the essentials of effective Written Communication.

problem 7) Describe the conditions/situations, which are highly suitable to non-verbal communication.

problem 8) prepare the factors, that affect listening significantly.

problem 9) Draft a supplier’s reply to the customer who has asked for information regarding the dispatch of computers.

problem 10) Draft a Tender Notice as regards to the procurement of a software as desired by you.

problem 11) Place an order with a large manufacturing company for 6000 fountain pens. Give appropriate inducements to make the seller give you a concession/discount.

problem 12) Draft the representation letter to your head office seeking permission to organize a training programme for your branch employees on customer care.

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