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problem 1) Answer the following problems.

(a) describe the concept of organisation?

(b) Why informal groups are important?

(c) What is a system?

(d) Define organisation structure.

(e) What is organisation design?

(f) Define perception.

(g) Define motivation.

(h) What are leadership qualities?

(i) Define Group.

(j) What is product departmentation?

problem 2) Describe the features of a formal organisation.

problem 3) How do individual variables determine organisation behaviour?

problem 4) What is the rationale behind territorial departmentation?

problem 5) Which factors determine span of management?

problem 6) Distinguish between flat and narrow organisation structure.

problem 7) Describe how can managers predict behaviour of human resource in organisation.

problem 8) Describe the systems approach to management.

problem 9) Describe different types of organisation structure.

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