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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) describe the characteristics of International Companies.

problem 2) Describe the decisions in International business and identify reasons for growth of international Business.

problem 3) Describe the different elements of International Business Environment.

problem 4) Identify the different modes of entering International markets.

problem 5) Examine the different structures of Multinational corporations in India with exs.

problem 6) describe the role of Government and Companies in Negotiations.

problem 7) Describe the process of managing negotiations in International Business.

problem 8) Describe the International laws and their impact on Business firms.

problem 9) Discuss the different International Trade Policies.

problem 10) describe the important Regional Trading Groups in the world.

problem 11) Discuss the Trade Relations among SAARC countries.

problem 12) Describe the Process of Global strategic Management.

problem 13) Discuss in detail the different entities of International Finance.

problem 14) Give an overview of role of World Bank in International Business.

problem 15) prepare a detailed note on UNCTAD.

problem 16) prepare a detailed note on Export Promotion Institutions in your country

problem 17) Discuss the International Marketing Strategies related to 4P’s

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