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Have you ever started a new job and discovered that the new environment differed greatly from that of your previous workplace? The values, practices, policies, and people at an organization help to make up its culture. This culture is an important factor when considering how an organization will respond to change.

Based on information obtained at the organization's Web site, articles, research, anecdotal evidence, and personal experience, I need help with the following problems

* Describe the artifacts you find or recall that define the culture of the organization.
* Indicate what these artifacts reveal to you about the shared values and basic assumptions of the organization you selected.
* Discuss the impact that culture has on individuals within the organization.
* Discuss the level and type of diversity within the organizational culture.
* Evaluate how this organization's culture would facilitate or hinder planned change efforts.

Cite any sources used and format them according to the requirements of the APA style guide.

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