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Answer the follwoing problems.

problem 1) What is called effective communication?

problem 2) What do you understand by downward communication in an organization?

problem 3) prepare a detail note on style of communication in formal situation

problem 4) What is the purpose of conducting extempore session?

problem 5) prepare down the way of disagreeing with someone in group discussion

problem 6) How does proper pronunciation help effective communication?

problem 7) How does ‘listening’ influence speaking ability?

problem 8) prepare down a few etiquettes that one should follow in an HR interview

problem 9) prepare down a few barriers to communication

problem 10) How do non-verbal cues effect communication?

problem 11) prepare in detail various communication strategies adopted in various situations

problem 12) Describe elaborately different communication dimension existing in organizations.

problem 13) How does voice and accent training strengthen communication channel in an organization?

problem 14) Describe the modus operand of the process of group discussion

problem 15) Describe the importance of computer based listening skill

problem 16) Prepare appropriate problems for HR round of an interview.

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