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problem 1) prepare briefly:

(a) What do you mean by organisation.

(b) Distinguish between formal and informal organisation.

(c) What is a system?

(d) What do you mean by Personality?

(e) What do you mean by Attitude?

(f) What do you mean by Group?

(g) describe the span of management?

(h) prepare down the merits of a flat organisation structure.

(i) What is a functional organisation?

(j) Define organisational behaviour.

problem 2) prepare down the factors that influence employee motivation?

problem 3) prepare down the qualities of a successful leader.

problem 4) Describe steps in organisational design process.

problem 5) Describe the benefits of informal organisation.

problem 6) How can managers predict-behaviours in organisations?

problem 7) Critically evaluate systems approach to organisation.

problem 8) Describe different factors determining the type of organisation structure.

problem 9) Describe the matrix organisation structure. Also prepare down its merits and demerits.

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