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problem 1) Answer all the problems.

i) What is significance of communication?

ii) prepare down the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication.

iii) describe communication barrier with appropriate ex.

iv) What is business message?

v) What is business letter?

problem 2) What is the process of communication to send data from source to destination?

problem 3) Describe communication models with suitable diagram.

problem 4) Describe various media of written communication.

problem 5) Answer all the problems.

i) What are the features of good report?

ii) What do you mean by the meaning of listening?

iii) What are the habits of poor listening?

iv) Give types of application.

v) Give some basic tips of preparing good resume.

problem 6) What is business letter? Describe parts of business letter.

problem 7) What are reports? Describe types of reports.

problem 8) describe common problem with adjective and adverb with appropriate ex.

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