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1) Demonstrate an understanding of the principles underlying the development of marketing strategies, especially in relation to services and consumer goods;

2) Describe the role of the marketer, and the marketer’s contribution to the direction of the organisation which offers products; goods, services, ideas, events, activities, people and experiences, as a means of satisfying the needs of consumers;

3) Outline the particular challenges confronting marketers in the local and international markets;

4) Demonstrate a knowledge of the marketing strategies that can be implemented to confront these challenges;

5) Demonstrate an ability to identify marketing problems in exercises which simulate ‘business world’ situations, and

6) Develop strategies to provide solutions to the marketing problems identified.


Your task in this assessment is to analyse a case study in pairs that provides a critique of the issues in the case. It should be approximately 3,000-3,500 words in length. It is important to prepare your case study in a flowing format, ensuring  the topics raised in any problems at the end of case studies are answered, but importantly do not prepare the case study in a problem:answer format.  

The case study you will need to address is:

Dilmah Ceylon Tea: Market Development in Australia (p506, Sharp, 2013).

Please do not answer the problems listed at the end of the case in the textbook. Your task is to research the company and the market and then prepare a case study that considers:

1) The marketing environment

2) Whether the market could be segmented

a.  If so, who the target market is
b.  If not, describe why not

3) How you would manage the marketing mix for this product.

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