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Overview of B2B-Company Assessment: ‘Assignment 2’ for each Team

Choose a  B2B-company (listed on the AEX, CAC, DAX, Dow Jones stock exchange).  See table below: exs of companies from AEX:

. DSM (one SBU) . Boskalis  . Imtech . ASML. BAM . SBM Offshore . Heijmans . Ordina    . Philips: Health SBU . KPN Business . Corus . Nutreco    . Medeq (drugstores)  . Smit International . ING bank: B2B . Randstad, etc., etc.


Sub-assignments B2B-Company Assessment:

a) Assignment part A; customer pyramid: for a specific B2B-company, determined by the group. Conclusions and Recommendations.
b) Assignment part B; customer relationship assessment matrix: for a specific company, determined by the group. Conclusions and Recommendations.
c) Assignment part C; Business-Plan; Compose a specific marketing mix per matrix segments for your specific B2B-company, with a specific customer sales strategy.

B2B-Company Assessment report of approach 20 Pages.

Do not forget to do a proper table of content. A relevant executive summary of 2 pages is important.

FINAL ADVICE: To get some additional materials and information, do further specific company research. Make sure to provide sources of information.

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