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problem 1:

There are some dimensions that are common between counselling and teaching.

a) Based on your experience as teachers and the knowledge collected in this module, examine five (5) dimensions which you find common in teaching and counselling.

b) According to you, what could be three reasons for developing counselling skills of teachers?

problem 2:

Critically analyze two (2) benefits that each of the following stakeholder may derive from the setting up of a school counselling unit.

(a) Parents or guardians

(b) The teachers

(c) The school

problem 3:

a) Examine three (3) reasons why it is imperative for the counselling profession to take a proactive stance on cultural diversity in Mauritius. Support your answer with instances.

b) Discuss and describe three (3) actions which could be undertaken to promote the multicultural model in counselling.

c) Discuss and illustrate two (2) characteristics that culturally competent counsellors are expected to display.

problem 4:

By referring to existing literature, discuss five (5) events which might lead students to need the setting up of a school counselling unit at school. Support your answer with instances.

problem 5:

a) Analyze five (5) consequences which might occur if counsellors neglect self-care.

b) What two self-care strategies could counsellors apply?

problem 6:

Counsellors in all setting can’t afford to be legally ignorant. They should understand the law and its implications in arena of counselling.

a) Critically discussed two (2) legal aspects concerning counselling which counsellors must be aware of.

In many countries, the current law provides a considerable degree of protection for confidences disclosed in therapy. Yet at the same time there are a number of exceptions to this duty.

b) Analyze two (2) legal entitlements to confidentiality which clients can expect.

c) Critically discuss and describe six (6) exceptions to protection for confidences disclosed in therapy.

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