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E-commerce is trend which most companies are going toward now a days. You are to choose one business which doesn't already employ e-commerce and create the Internet strategy for it. Most of big corporations already use Internet for business so you may have to think of something on smaller scale, for instance a local bike store by your house.

Selected business: Angidynamics

1.What Internet business model would be suitable for company to follow in creating Web site and why?

2.In what ways can company benefit from Web site? What functions must it carry out for company (that is, customer support, marketing, sales,  internal communications, etc.)?

3.In what other ways might company use Internet for its own benefit?

4.Create functional specifications for company's use of Web and Internet. prepare links to and from other sites in your design.

5.Create a list of technological specifications for implementation (that is what hardware and software are essential to support design)?

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