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Create a memo to executive management describeing proactive suggestions for avoiding cross-cultural miscommunication.

Memo: Avoiding Cross-Cultural Miscommunication

Understanding culture is important when the company does across borders. For international companies to be successful, in global society they should adapt to, associate to, and understand culture of countries where they conduct business. In memo include answers to following problems:

1. prepare down the main elements which define a culture?
2. How does company overcome ethnocentricity?
3. How do attitudes,  customs, values and beliefs shape culture?
4. What are effective strategies for global company to adapt to local culture?
5. prepare down elements of other cultures (in general) should a company be aware of to operate profitably and successfully?
6. How do attitudes toward leisure, work,  time, change, family, social mobility and religion shape culture?
7. prepare influence does corporate or personal non-verbal communication and verbal have on cultural understanding?
8. prepare down the impact that does physical environment have on culture?
9. describe how education and technology are linked to culture?
10. Describe how does mass media shape culture, public opinion, marketing and advertising?

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