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1. Which of the following is true?

a) Fines applied by the US Sentencing Commission have decreased on average since 1990.

b) Only the presence of a code of ethics in the organization is necessary to meet the US Sentencing Commission's idea of an effective compliance program.

c) The US Sentencing Commission allows prosecutors to assess the quality of an organization's compliance program in order to determine appropriate penalties.

d) The 1987 sentencing guidelines mandated incarceration for only the worst felony offenders.

2. Under the 2004 sentencing guidelines, the __________ are expected to oversee the compliance and ethics program while __________ is/are charged with ensuring its effectiveness within the company.

a) Board of directors; top management
b) Board of directors; the CEO
c) The CEO; general managers
d) The company's ethics officer; top management
d) None of the above.

3. The US sentencing guidelines use a "carrot and stick" approach to managing corporate crime. What is meant by the use of "carrot" and "stick"?

a) The carrot dangles at the end of the stick as an incentive for organizations to continue to behave ethically.

b) The carrot refers to the guidelines as "food for thought" and the stick refers to the punishment if the guidelines are not followed.

c) The carrot refers to incentives in the guidelines to behave ethically and the stick refers to the punishment if the guidelines are not followed.

d) None of the above.

4. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) consists of which four kinds of responsibilities:

a) Economic, ethical, societal, and altruistic
b) Economic, legal, ethical, and altruistic
c) Fiscal, legal, societal, and philanthropic
d) Economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic

5. According to a national opinion survey, identify the goal that employees did not rank in the top five?

a) Honest company communications
b) Good pay
c) Respectful treatment
d) Ethical corporate behavior
e) a, c, and d did not rank in the top five

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