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Career Counseling Theory Case Study

For this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of career counseling theory by choosing a career counseling theory addressed by Holland or Krumboltz and applying it to the case study provided below. Approach the case study from the perspective of School Counseling. You can embellish the case scenario as needed to help you complete the assignment.


Taneka, a 17-year-old African-American female, is a high school junior. She is the eldest of three siblings living with her single-parent mother. Her mother has worked for the past 15 years at a manufacturing plant. Her father has not been a part of Taneka's life.

As the eldest, Taneka has held major responsibilities throughout her life to support her working mother, such as caring for her younger siblings: Derrick, now age 14, and Kenya, age 12. These early duties reinforced development of her natural leadership skills. Taneka has been recognized from an early age for being mature, responsible, and dependable.

As her siblings have grown, she has been able to have part-time jobs, most recently as a salesperson at a teen fashion store in the local mall. It was here that she first realized she had a knack for dealing with people, and they responded well to her-employers, co-workers, and customers alike. She was recently approached by her supervisor to consider participating in the company's employee leadership training program.

This has caused Taneka to start thinking about post-secondary educational possibilities. Previously she had thought college was out of her reach, due to the limited financial resources of her family and no history of anyone in her family ever attending college. As such, she had not previously given much importance to her grades. Rather than participating in extracurricular school activities, she focused on working. She is on track for graduating with her class next year and has a current grade point average of 2.05.

Taneka is now questioning her previous assumption about college or other post-secondary educational possibilities, but she does not have a clear idea of what she would like to pursue as a career. Choosing a career and a post-secondary program to prepare for it, seeking financial support, and navigating the admissions procedure all remain mysteries to her.

In your paper, address the following:

Argue for one relevant theory to be applied to the scenario. Note:Appropriate career counseling theories include, but are not limited to, Holland, Super, Krumboltz, Gottfredson, Social Cognitive Theory, and Person-Environment-Fit.

Identify the theory you chose and provide a rationale as to why you have selected this career theory.

Describe the key components of your chosen career counseling theoretical framework.

Analyze any challenges you might have applying this theory to the case.

Propose possible approaches for addressing the challenges you identified.

Be sure to include research findings that support your use of this theory. Include a minimum of one supporting reference not provided in this course.

Your assignment should be 4-5 pages in length and include at least three references, including your text. Be sure to indicate your specialization of SCHOOL COUNSELING in your paper.

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