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Task: Answer the following essay problem:

Can an understanding of internal influences on consumer behaviour assist charitable organisations?

In your answer focus on the one internal influence which is, Motivation.

This is a six step process:

Step 1
: Read the relevant chapters of your text book.
Step 2: Re-read the sources related to theory that you collected in assessment 2.
Step 3: Do some additional research about the charity context to find evidence to support your response / argument. You are expected to have at least 3 references in addition to the ones you collected in assessment 2 for the assignment.
Step 4: Make a list of points that you want to discuss.
Each point becomes a paragraph (one point per paragraph). Remember the purpose of an essay is to create an argument.
Your first sentence is a topic sentence that introduces the point. Then describe your point, provide support using theory (the articles you have reviewed) and an ex to describe and then draw out the conclusion/implication of you point. Each paragraph needs to follow on from the last one to create a logical flow. Think about how each idea links together to get to your overall point. Include an introduction and a conclusion in your essay.
Step 5: Create a reference list using APA 6th style (a short guide to APA referencing is provided in your resources folder on interact) and make sure all of the articles that you have cited in the essay are included in the list.
Step 6: Submit the essay via Turnitin.

The objective of this assessment is for students to demonstrate their ability to:

• Describe the theoretical concept of internal influence on consumer behavior.
• Apply that theoretical concept to the context of charitable organizations.
• Engage in online search activity to find appropriate sources.

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