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Business Ethics Final Exam

Use your own words and go into some detail responding to the following questions, (3-4 sentences per response should suffice). Be sure to briefly define the concept you are discussing and respond to all parts of the question directly. Explain the reasoning in support of your claims; say why

1) Define the meaning of the word "philosophy" and discuss the classic Greek meaning of its purpose.

2) What is the focus of ethics in the field of philosophy and why is this so important to social living?

3) What are the fundamental issues at the basis of the study of business ethics?

4) How can the theory of Duty Ethics best inform the process of ethical decision-making in business?

5) How can the theory of Utilitarianism best inform the process of ethical decision-making in business?

6) Offer your thoughts on what would bethe minimal requirements of social responsibility by corporations.

7) Comment specifically on the role business should play in the face of climate change.

8) Discuss any one ethically challenging aspect of business globalization today.

9) How does expanding technological knowledge/use raise greater ethical concerns in business?

10) Can you make an argument that Stakeholder theory is a morally superior method of conducting business?

11) Explain Hobbes on both cooperation and enforcement being necessary elements of the Social Contract.

12) How do Locke's claims about the appropriate quantity of possessions be applied to CEO salaries today?

13) What does Smith claim about the "Invisible Hand" of the economy as regards domestic industry?

14) Would Marx agree that raising the minimum wage of workers would increase their human dignity?

15) What kind of moral obligation do employees hold towards their employers in today's workplace?

16) How are some advertising techniques used on vulnerable populations unethical? Provide an example.

17) What might hinder a company's willingness to comply with its own stated values?

18) Describe the type of character most suited for organizational leadership, according to Aristotle.

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