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problem 1: Highlight the features of the medical education policy.

problem 2: State the advantages and drawbacks of process layout.

problem 3: describe the replacement policy with regard to equipment in hospitals.

problem 4: Outline the role of operations management in the hospitals.

problem 5: A firm is considering four alternative locations for a new plant. It has attempted to study all costs at different locations P, Q, R and S and found that the production costs of the given items differ from one location to the other. The firm will finance the new plant from capital which attracts 10% interest.

736_Financial plan.jpg

Find out the most appropriate location for output volumes in the range of 50,000 units to 1,30,000 units.

problem 7: Describe the methods employed to dispose of waste in hospitals.

problem 8: Bring out the applications of measures of productivity in the hospitals.

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