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A. Briefly describe Good Sport. What organizational structure is in place at the organization? What type of culture exists? In what ways are the structure and the culture related? Are the two compatible? describe your answer.

b. Briefly describe the power structures and politics that you see in Good Sport. To what extent are these the result of the organizational structure and culture? To what extent do they determine the culture? As you navigated through the various power structures at Good Sport, what decisions do you feel could have been made that stemmed beyond the options given to you within the simulation?

c. In today's environment, change is a constant issue for organizations. Given the organizational structure, culture, power structures, and politics that you have identified at Good Sport, what specific strategies would you develop to manage resistance to change?

d. If Good Sport was going to implement a major change initiative, what leadership style would be most effective in ensuring the success of the change? Why would this style be more effective than other styles? What strategies would you develop to manage the different groups? What conflict management methods would you recommend to enhance performance?

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