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The concept leadership and the fundamental style of leadership are composed of an individuals' ability to motivate their followers to do what is necessary to exceed organizational expectations. Leadership is a learned skill as a result of an individuals' willingness to observe past mistakes and previous victories of success. Analyzing the strategies of previous organizational leaders will allow an individual to formulate his or her own methodology of leading an organization and determine which strategies to emulate. A high-quality leader should make good use of all three styles charismatic, transactional, and transformational (Avolio, 2002). Each leadership style can be quite beneficial within organizations thus allowing leaders to "rise to the occasion" in terms of, which of their specific leadership quality is most desirable. To be a leader, one must possess the capacity to enforce effect and influence change without the overtones of a dictatorial leadership style simultaneously, realizing the essence of a high-quality leader determines his or her ability to learn from his or her errors in an effort to find the best solution to generate the best outcome within his or her organization. The leadership theories implemented to support my leadership plan (Vanwagner, 2009). Will include the following:

1. Contingency Theories-This theory of leadership focuses on exacting inconsistencies connected to the atmosphere that decides which specific style of leadership is appropriate for the circumstances. Based on the contingency theory, no leadership style is suitable for every situation. Success is contingent upon several inconsistencies, including the leadership style, traits of the followers, and viewpoint of the circumstances.

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