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o What is the impact of leadership? Discuss your beliefs on leadership. What experiences have shaped your beliefs? How did your experiences form your opinion on leadership?

o Distinguish between the differences of a good manager and a great leader.

o Assume you have just been offered two jobs and you are faced with the difficult decision of which job to select. Both are the same distance from your home and are offering the same amount of pay. The biggest difference is the leadership styles. At job A your supervisor has more of a charismatic leadership style, while at job B the supervisor has more of a transformational leadership style. Which company do you select, why?

o What motivates you? Based on the results of your exercise, which motivations do you believe are the most important? describe your rationale.

o Assume you are a new manager at a company, and your sales team needs to bring in 50 new clients a month to meet goals. What strategies would you utilize to motivate your team?

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