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problem 1: As a new entrepreneur, how would you assess the need of finance? Give detailed account with figures.

problem 2: What do you mean by the term working capital? Differentiate between Gross working capital and Net working capital.

problem 3: Describe the requirement for and importance of sufficient working capital in the successful functioning of the small-scale enterprises.

problem 4: How will you estimate the quantity of working capital needed for a new small business firm?

problem 5: Describe the sources of working capital finance for a small firm.

problem 6: You are an entrepreneur planning to set a small-scale unit catering to daily provision requirements of a large housing complex. How would you evaluate your working capital needs and wherefrom such needs be met?

problem 7: Describe the key elements of managing effectively the working capital of the small-scale industries.

problem 8: describe and differentiate the terms creativity and innovation. describe in detail the need of these to an entrepreneur.

problem 9: prepare a descriptive note on the creativity as intelligence.

problem 10: Describe different aspects of the environment for creativity and innovation.

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