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problem 1: A graph showing the growth of forest volume over time looks like:

1) A U shape
2) An inverted U shape
3) An S shape
4) A pyramid
5) A straight line

problem 2: Maximizing the profit of timber harvesting involves all of the following except:
1) The total costs of harvesting
2) The total revenues from harvesting
3) The interest rate
4) The ecological value of forest diversity
5) The mean annual increment

problem 3: The mean annual increment is find outd by:

1) Dividing the annual change in biomass by the age of a forest
2) Dividing the total biomass by the age of a forest
3) Multiplying the annual change in biomass by the age of a forest
4) Dividing the annual change in biomass by the interest rate
5) Multiplying the annual change in biomass by the interest rate

problem 4: A higher discount rate will tend to do all of the following except:

1) Reduce the optimal harvesting period
2) Increase clear cutting
3) Encourage timber harvesting to pay off debts
4) Reduce the mean annual increment
5) Increase ecological damages to forests

problem 5: What is the main cause of global tropical deforestation?

1) Slash-and-burn agriculture
2) Timber harvesting for export
3) Forest clearing for commercial ranches
4) Forest cutting for pulp
5) Forest clearing to build cities

problem 6: How does total forested area tend to change as human populations increase?

1) Total forested area continually decreases
2) Total forested area continually increases
3) Total forested area remains relatively constant
4) Total forested area first increases and then decreases
5) Total forested area first decreases and then increases

problem 7: What is the main reason that total forest area is increasing in many developed countries?

1) Falling timber prices make harvesting less profitable
2) Interest rates tend to be increasing
3) Natural forests have been replaced with planted forests
4) Old growth forest area is increasing
5) Technology is improving in the timber industry
problem 8: Which one of the following factors does not contribute to forest loss?

1) Institutional failure
2) Secure property rights
3) Demographic pressure
4) Under-pricing of timber resources
5) Open access to timber resources

problem 9: Which one of the following policies is not a method for encouraging sustainable forestry?

1) Guaranteeing secure property rights
2) Creating stable communities
3) Full pricing of forest resources
4) Increasing the availability of credit to small villagers
5) Raising interest rates
problem 10: About what percent of freshwater runoff is considered stable supply?

1) 80%
2) 67%
3) 33%
4) 20%
5) 10%

problem 11: The main problem with using groundwater to increase water supplies is that:

1) Groundwater tends to be contaminated with pesticides
2) Groundwater is normally found in countries that already have sufficient supplies
3) Groundwater tables are declining
4) Groundwater tends to be too salty
5) Groundwater tends to be too expensive

problem 12: The main problem with using desalination to increase water supplies is that:

1) There are few available sources
2) It is too expensive
3) Supplies are usually contaminated with pesticides
4) Water tends to evaporate before it can be used
5) Communities tend to be located too far from water supplies

problem 13: Most of the world’s water is used for:

1) Growing crops
2) Feeding animals
3) Cooling power plants
4) Municipal supplies
5) Factories

problem 14: Which one of the following policies would not reduce water use?

1) Full marginal-cost pricing
2) Microirrigation technology
3) Reusing wastewater for industrial uses
4) Subsidizing irrigation systems
5) Removing water subsidies

problem 15: An ecosystems management model can involve all of the following except:

1) Price incentives
2) Community management
3) Secure land tenure
4) Plantation monocultures
5) Credit availability

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