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problem 1: A good administrator is not the same as a good manager. Describe this statement, identifying the major features of both.

problem 2:

a) describe in brief the main characteristics of:

•    a sole trader
•    a partnership
•    private limited companies
•    public limited companies

b) Identify the major sources of finance for each of the above, when setting up in business.

problem 3:

a) Define the three kinds of authority.

b) With the aid of appropriate diagrams, describe the types of organization which display each of these kinds of authority.

problem 4:

a) In brief describe:

  • Method study
  • Work measurement

b) With the help of diagrams, describe the procedure for introducing method study and work measurement into an organization of your choice.

problem 5:

a) Illustrate the relationship between the purchasing and production departments of a manufacturing company.
b) With the help of a diagram, describe how economic order quantities are maintained.

problem 6:

a) Describe the importance of the Product Life Cycle to a company producing a new range of 3D televisions.
b) Identify the action the same company could take to boost the sales of plasma screen televisions.

problem 7: With the help of appropriate exs, illustrate:

a) Internal methods of transmitting information.
b) External methods of transmitting information.

problem 8:

a) Define the term risk management.
b) describe the six main types of risk faced by an organization and how such risks might be managed.

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