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1. In her tip, "Associate," Lindsey Pollak tells us that there are lots of opportunities to meet people and network through professional associations. These opportunities are especially relevant to working students who can't attend campus events and activities scheduled during the day. Which of the following suggestions could you use to get credit for the "attend a local meeting of a professional organization related to your career..." activity

Membership benefits

Mentoring Programs

Young Professionals Group


2. Lindsey Pollak gives you six tips to "Stop being a student and Start being a professional." One tip that UCF helps you with is:

E-mail like a professional: Webcourses will flag all inappropriate or inflammatory content before sending course mail.

Upgrade to grown-up contact methods: you can create a email address

Get Carded: Your core Marketing and Management classes require the creation of a professional business card to be used at class activities

Clean up your Internet Image: Your Career Coach regularly inspects Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media accounts of assigned students.

3. Lindsey Pollak gives you three "networking event no-nos" to nix. Which of the following faux pas was NOT on her list (even though it's not a good idea to do it either!):

Showing up late for the event

Standing in a corner with a group of your friends instead of mingling and meeting new people

Immediately launching into what the person can do to help YOU instead of listening more than you talk.

Criticizing the speaker, facilities, or weather.

4. In your Career Coach meeting and as part of your Career Research project, you were encouraged to create an online presence. Lindsey Pollak includes this tip as one of the ways you can "shine online." What is this tip:

Start an "RSO" (registered student organization)

Setting up your own YouTube channel like Natalies Outlet

Review your favorite business books online

Set up a LinkedIn profile

5.Unlike a job shadow where you just follow a person in their job for a day, a mentor is described by Lindsey Pollak as a "long-term" informational interview. What are some of the things you can do to find and make the most of a mentoring relationship:

Seek out mentors from new contacts since they are less likely to have pre-disposed opinions of you, pay for professional mentoring support

Include a mentoring request in your initial communication (to let them know your intentions) and rely on your mentor to drive meeting activities.

Be specific about the help you need, use your existing network (including professional orgs), and set a deadline with your mentor to follow up on actions.

Rely on face to face meetings so your interactions can be fluid, join professional organizations that have mentoring programs, and rely on your mentor's expertise to determine the help that you need

6.As a student, Lindsey Pollak secured an internship by attending a professional conference. In "Work some New Rooms," she encourages you to ACTIVELY participate in conferences, rather than just hanging out waiting for someone to find you interesting. However, the registration fee can be prohibitive. If there is no student fee, you can:

Ask if you could volunteer in exchange for attending some sessions

Ask to speak to the conference director

Ask if you can just go in to the Expo / Vendor Hall and meet conference attendees as they meet with sponsors

Try to find someone in your network that is attending and ask if you can be their guest

7.Lindsey Pollak suggests in one tip that you "consider a coach." The College of Business has Career Coaches at your disposal. According to this tip, you could ask your coach to:

Be your "accountability partner" to help keep you doing the things you commit to doing (preparing a resume, networking, preparing for interviews, following up, etc.)

Tell you the major and career you should pick

Plan your academic schedule with you by telling you what classes to take each semester.

Help you figure out how to hide embarrassing Facebook pictures and other bad Google results

8.After reviewing how to upgrade your contact methods, which of the following is NOT a tip Lindsey Pollak gives to college students for "emailing like a professional":

Using "Hey" as your greeting

Forgetting to proofread an email (sending an emotional flame that you want to recall, improper capitalization or punctuation, unprofessional acronyms, etc)

Leaving the subject line blank

Substitute your personal (creative or casual) email address for one that includes your first and last name

9.According to Lindsey Pollak, what is the source of many career "shoulds:"

Other people's opinions on what you should want

Mis-informed career "experts"

Professors (many of whom can't point to a real job they've ever had...)

Popular culture and television

10.Lindsey Pollak recommends that as a student, you "become an active alum...even before you graduate." Which one of her suggestions would help you complete a Career To-DO List activity:

Joining the university's alumni group on LinkedIn could help you connect to the alumni you need to get credit for the LinkedIn profile activity

Paying dues to the alumni association could help you get credit for joining a professional networking group

Volunteering to help an alumni contact create a customer database could help you get credit for a job enlargement project

Talking to four alumni at the same time at a reunion event could help you get credit for attending Career Fest

11.Lindsey Pollak gives you suggestions to "make every networking event a success." If you don't know anyone attending the event, who could you call ahead to see if they will introduce you around:

Organization's President

A faculty advisor for the student chapter of the organization or other professor who may know about the organization

Organization's New Member Director

A guest speaker or the keynote speaker for the event

12.Lindsey Pollak's process for figuring out what you want to do by mirroring the careers of people you admire is called:


Informational Interviews

Job Shadowing

Hero Worship

13.One method Lindsey Pollak recommends to students for monitoring changes in their online presence is to:

Take down embarrassing or inappropriate content

Cut ties with all of your stupid friends, especially the ones who refer to you as "Fartchucker."

Set "airtight" security settings

Set up a Google alert

14.When creating a signature line for your email account, Lindsey Pollak recommends leaving out differentiating stylistic elements such as fancy formatting, fonts and colors.



15.Lindsey Pollak admits that there are good and bad uses of your parents' input to your job search. What are some examples of times to "red light" their help:

Mock interviewing, networking, proofing your resume

Attending a job fair, sending out a resume, and calling a recruiter

Helping you dress professionally, driving you to an interview, making you a PB&J

Setting your schedule, informational interviews, referrals

16.According to Alysse Metzler a Career Summary should be how long

A paragraph

Five to eight sentences

No more than five to eight lines of text on your resume

As long as it needs to be to communicate your unique experiences, passion, and related skills

17.According to Alysse Metzler a candidate should never turn down an offer due to money. Why?

Because hiring managers will almost always discuss compensation as part of their interview

Because she discusses salary in her very first conversation, the phone interview

Because it shows disrespect, turn down the offer because of some other factor

Because salary levels are set and not negotiable

18.According to the Alysse Metzler, the Weekly Ambassador should

Remember to leave a message or voice mail when you call a recruiter

Heed the recruiter's advice to wait until they contact you with more information

Follow up approximately once per week with an email or phone call

Follow up more than once per week since recruiters work on multiple requisitions and you want to stay fresh in their minds

19.According to Alysse Metzler what is an ATS

Applicant Tracking System - a database that filters applicants from people who apply to requisitions

Applicant Termination System - a database that prescreens applications and only forwards those that meet minimum criteria set by the recruiter

Activity Timing Service - a database that rates applicant competency based on the amount of time it takes to complete all required application activities

Attitude Temper and Sensitivity - the three traits that most companies review in applicants

20.According to Alysse Metzler, the Jack-Of-All-Trades

Have no area of specialization which makes them easier to place in a variety of roles

Have random experience in a variety of areas but no area of specialization making them weak candidates

Have extensive experience in a variety of trades or industries making them valuable candidates

Are always also Seriel Appliers

21.According to Alysse Metzler looking for a job when you are unemployed should be a full day affair - shower and get dressed, start at 9, break for lunch, end the day at 4:30 by writing down the companies you'll contact and follow up with tomorrow



22.According to Alysse Metzler which of the following is NOT part of her strategy to grow your network on LinkedIn

Search LinkedIn groups for professionals who are in the industry you want to work in

Search for past coworkers at former companies

Post an open invite for anyone to connect with you

Search for alumni at your school(s)

23. According to Alysse Metzler's survey of recruiters

Her "three P's" are critical to recruiters when evaluating candidates, but they always hire candidates who have the most experience

Opinions about hiring candidates based on experience versus based on her "three P's" are evenly split among recruiters

The vast majority of recruiters have hired a candidate who didn't have the necessary experience but was enthusiastic about the job and had a great personality

Experience will always trump the "three P's," but they are critical in the evaluation of candidates

24.According to Alysse Metzler candidates should answer questions using the STAR method. An example of the "T" would be

Team - The best part of doing this was collaborating with people from the following departments...

Technology - To work on this issue I had to leverage by experience with Adobe Photoshop...

Time - Solving this problem was quick, we had an answer by...

Task or Target - Our goal was to reduce turnover by...

25.According to Alysse Metzler candidates should answer questions using the STAR method. An example of the "R" would be

Reinforcement - So to summarize, I had less than three months to...

Routine - It because a best practice for all departments to...

Relevant - This example is significant because in this position you would be looking for someone to...

Result - The team ended up creating a new process for recycling used...

26.According to Alysse Metzler current college students should use their time to

Differentiate themselves by working on a unique project or initiative

Study hard, make good grades, do well in your classes

Gain experience, network, and decide what you will do as a career

A. Not work, party, rack up debt

27.According to Alysse Metzler how can current students utilize the fact that people are willing to help them

Ask everyone you meet if they know anyone who is hiring in your field

Get people to review your resume and when they are done ask if there are others they would recommend that you talk to

Get people to review your resume and when they are done see if they are interested in hiring you

Network to learn more about people's careers

28.According to Alysse Metzler, a "Contractor" is a specific kind of

Corporate recruiter

Agency recruiter


Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

29.According to Alysse Metzler a Career Summary is the same thing as

An elevator pitch

An Objective

Your answer to "tell me about yourself"

Your Professional Experience

30.According to Alysse Metzler candidates should answer questions using the STAR method. An example of the "A" would be

Ally - We were able to partner with the Compliance office to provide...

Action - We created a single report from all of the production data that was being recorded...

Adversary - The one thing that blocked our progress was incompatible software so we worked to consolidate...

Alteration - The biggest change that we were able to implement was a 50% reduction in...

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