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problem1) Answer all the problems.

(i) prepare down the basic difference between personnel management & HRM?

(ii) What are the limitations of job evaluation?

(iii) describe executive development.

(iv) What are the main causes of indiscipline in the organization?

(v) What do you understand by induction?

problem2) prepare a short note highlighting the evolution of HRM with current HRM environment.

problem3) describe the selection process in detail.

problem4) Evaluate the significant of Performance Appraisal in an organization. Compare the methods of Performance Appraisal with their merits & demerits.

problem5) Answer all the problems.

(i) prepare down the basic elements of 3600 feedback system?

(ii) Define fringe benefit with the help of exs.

(iii) prepare down external sources of recruitment.

(iv) What is the need of employee empowerment in today’s era?

(v) What are the purposes of employee compensation?

problem6) describe the requirement and process of human resource planning. How it could he linked with strategic planning of an organization.

problem7) Describe the significance of training for the growth of an organisation. How do you identify training needs of an organization? describe in detail.

problem8) prepare brief notes on the following:-

a) Career planning.

b) Forms of worker’s participation in management.

c) Internal mobility.

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